Our Vision

Our Vision Wheel

The Break Down

  • Performance & Sustainability add

    We intend to work collaboratively to reduce the friction involved in designing for, measuring, and continually reporting on the performance and sustainability of our projects and the industry to achieve our collective goals around sustainability.

  • Operational Efficiencies add

    Reduce initial development costs and ongoing expenses of common industry processes, standards, and technologies to improve the operational efficiency of individual firms and to drive industry advancement and performance.

  • Data Sharing Platform add

    Create a culture of sharing to accelerate creation of standards and platforms that enable seamless sharing of data resulting in a progression of research, design, delivery models, and data collection/ analysis.

  • Redefining Project Delivery add

    To equitably coalesce our individual investments through a shared vision of our futureā€¦ and enable our profession to create greater positive impact by expanding our opportunities for Project Delivery.